From grey to black in a day

Today should be a working at home day instead I am painting the hallway black. Have 10 hours to complete it as Graham has just left the house and he is not in on the plan (Maud is pretty good at keeping secret’s)! Having just had the outside painted black its been bugging me that although my hall is dark grey its not quite dark enough.  I need it to harmonise perfectly with the outside so that when you transition from inside to out it flows beautifully( and when I say bugging me I mean keeping me awake at night – its a bad affliction this design perfection bug have been pacing the house wondering why its not working as I want in the small hours of the night).

Now Graham won’t understand this nor will he agree with all the pain of painting the hall yet again another hue so its best not to tell him and surprise him with it this evening. Fingers crossed hey I can pull it together.

My inspiration I adore this hall home of Jenna Lyons and her partner. Now if I could look like Jenna all would be well with the world.

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