Game changing styling tips to embrace!

I’m back from my whirl wind trip, a little weary and beyond jet lagged but hey all part of the job spec these days it seems. Back for a few weeks (possibly less actually) and back I go again. The travel schedule for this year is crazy, I now only open up my diary by the day rather than by the month so I don’t see all the trips and stuff that is happening. Its kind of easier that way I’m finding. Going day by day or hour by hour but all to the greater good as we are putting in place some  big plans for this biz!

I also want to thank everyone, so all our incredible customers, and all the press for writing such amazing reviews and kind words about my new book COLOUR. I have been BLOWN away regarding the response, I don’t think I’ve ever quite experienced anything like it! I knew when I sat down to write and design it this was the time to “go big or go home”. I didn’t want a bland generic book on interiors or yet another colour manual. I wanted a different, intriguing and jaw on the floor book that you could keep dipping back into again and again. To have all you guys endorse it and love it and get it is, without sounding too cheesy again, amazing. Truly thank you. Also the hugest thank you to my publisher Quadrille who had the faith in me and not once put any kind of hurdle in the way (no looking at stats, no we need to sell this into a hundred different countries before we can green light it, none of that). The book is already going around the world (hello Australia and New Zealand!) and gets published in America in August too. It’s the best feeling. Taking risks and then having them pay off is incredible. Enough said.

We have work to do right? Today we are talking about game changing tips oh and I should warn you they are not totally practical ones. You can’t start thinking why put that vessel on that mantle if there are no flowers in it? Or why put all those cushions on that sofa when you would have to squidge them up to sit down? Or why put something a little worn or chipped and not brand new centre stage? These tips that I’m giving you below are fundamental for bringing rooms alive and they are not always practical. Practical equals uptight!

Add some ugly

Stay with me here. If everything looks and feels a little too “done” a space can feel uptight. So if you’ve got the odd accessory that is less than beautiful or a bit chipped don’t ditch it because it can actually add an intriguing element to the space. I think people forget there is value in having things less than perfect, it actually tones down the space and makes it feel more lived in and relaxed. Not everything should be pretty, or sleek or super glam!

Embrace black

Oh yes she says and I’m not just saying this because I am a lover of the dark side. When you add a touch of black to your pad – even just an accessory or vases, lamps, rugs – the place will come alive. You’ll be adding instant sophisticated glamour and intrigue. Promise!

Have the right attitude

Great style doesn’t come from owning a particular object, or copying someone, it comes from having a great attitude, a relaxed laissez faire-ness. It’s all about creating a home that feels inviting and cocooning, so it’s less about the objects and more about the the way you approach the styling.  Relaxed, confident and not taking everything that seriously.

Good to be home, for a few weeks at least!


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