Hi all, today I’m introducing a few of my golden design rules. Also we’re going very zen… let me explain. So after my majorly stressful last few weeks I’m trying to restore something a bit like a work/life balance. To be honest 12 hours at my desk yesterday is not such a good start, but I have signed up for a week of Bikram yoga in the mornings. Haven’t really dabbled much in yoga before but I thought hey why not, it might make me feel calmer. And if nothing else I thought it’s nice to not get up and go straight from my bed to my desk for the day.

Anyway, when I sat down to pen a few of my golden rules for design for this blog post I couldn’t help but notice I was using a lot of yoga-ish terms. Harmony, balance, flow and contrast or yin & yang are all as essential in design as they are on that yoga mat. Weird hey? Maybe it’s rubbing off on me already. Or maybe the key to a gorgeous interior really is just a pinch of zen. Anyway, without further ado, here’s the secrets of life (or at least interiors, which to me is the same thing)…

KellyWearstler007_0113Kelly Wearstler’s home, Abigail Ahern COLOUR


As I’ve gotten older my style has grown with me and changed. I now hanker after a more restrained palette of three or four hues, and am more likely to go for subtly different shades rather than a full on colour clash. I prefer to aim for this sophisticated vibe rather than a funky vibe. I definitely still like funky, but not as much as I once did. Kelly Wearstler’s Malibu pad (shown above from my book COLOUR) is the perfect example of sticking to a few beautiful hues, and proves that neutral doesn’t have to be boring.

Rule no. 1: Create a harmonious colour palette

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