We all know that flowers and plants freshen up homes like nothing else right. A majestic banana plant in the living room perhaps (tick), some single stem foliage on a side table (double tick), some graceful fronds in  little holders on the coffee (treble tick) all jazz up spaces. I could go on but I reckon you might get a little bored.  No matter what other colours are going on in your pad, greenery refreshes and invigorates areas of your home like nothing else I know. There is skill involved of course (isn’t there always), I really think the trick  is to look at plants and flowers in the same way as you would any other accessory. Think about their shape, texture, colour and play up the scale.

When Gem and I sat down to the drawing board to figure out our own-label faux plants and flowers we both instantly agreed that we wanted a really restrained palette. We wanted (and this was a tough ask) to be able to combine English garden flowers with tropical plants and jungly leaves, something I never imagined we would be doing until I became so obsessed by the two vibes!

Worlds apart but we used the exact same trick I say all the time for pulling together eclectic interiors – reign in the colour palette and you get away with combining anything and everything. So we’ve been able to mix huge banana tree leaves with some winter hydrangea, and cactus with evergreen berries and massive whimsical staghorn without it clashing and feeling off. Radical definitely, but like all things I’ve done in the past breaking boundaries and pushing comfort zones leads to something magical. The new faux collection will be hitting stores in September, until then I leave you with a sneak peak of the collection below and that is just a smidge of it.  I cannot wait to show you guys the collection in its entirety.


Oh and one more thing – when styling plants if you’re going for tons of different kinds, which I’m obviously really into at the moment, then mix the containers up too to make sure it looks fresh. If for example you have a load of plants all potted in white round tubs it will read as a big yawn. So mix up your pots and mix up your plants, concrete, terracotta, wood, pointy plants with feathery plants, matte with shiny, round with square, wicker with stone. You might have fat headed peonies sitting next to feathery ferns, or pale milky roses sitting next to pine branches. It’s that contrast that brings room alive. Love it!


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