Hi all, welcome to Carole’s mid-century London pad. After a string of Victorian properties this is Carole’s first mid-century home, and I reckon she’s found her perfect design match. Since moving in Carole’s undertaken a major refurb and decorating project to restore the soul of the house – as well as retro furniture finds and design pieces, Carole’s created her very own cosy 60’s style “conservation pit” in the open plan lounge area. The mid-century pieces are off set with glam touches (think tassels and marble), oversized romantic floral displays and carefully styled vignettes.

I adore the deep emerald green palette Carole’s used in various places throughout her home too (maybe my next paint colour?). It’s a fab foray into the dark side! Carole is actually a Design School, and she says this is just the beginning: “I’ve most definitely moved gradually to the dark side after seeing your home, and reading your blog for many years.” Thank you so much for showing us your home Carole. Can’t wait to see what you do next! To see more of Carole’s home projects please check out at{Carole Jordorson}.

Photography: Chen Sands

Welcome to my pad. It’s a mid-century home in a leafy suburb of SE London called Beckenham. I live with my partner Kevin and our cat called Ruby Toots.

My style in 5 words… colourful, eclectic, textural, fun and practical (I like things to have a purpose as well as look good, if possible!)


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