I’m beginning to think there must be something about Caroles. After the last house crush post, today I have another super stylish Carole with another beautiful home to show you all. Weird hey? Maybe all Caroles are taken to a special decor school we don’t know about where they’re taught to create the coolest little vignettes and arrange plants just so?

Anyway, I digress. Carole Poirot (aka @mademoisellepoirot on instagram) takes the most beautifully atmospheric photos, and I couldn’t help noticing her many fab interiors shots. On paper maybe it’s not my style – Carole’s a fan of white walls (eek! I know!) and probably much more minimalist than I could ever be. But it’s all so impeccably styled and lush with layers and layers of greenery, travel mementos, vintage finds and wonderful objet everywhere you look. There’s a lot to love here!

Carole moved into a new home just before Christmas, and is documenting the whole labour of love of renovating. You can see the whole revamp process over on at{mine}. She really cleverly balances the whole budget vs dream home dilemma of renovating, and shares her best budget finds below. She’s also mastered something that I think we all too often forget while renovating: creating a stylish place to live in right now. That’s the thing with big redecorating projects – you’re in it for the long haul, so rather than waiting for “some day” you’ve got to create a home that makes you happy in the here and now too. Carole’s nailed it.

I hope you all enjoy the house tour. Thanks so much Carole for sharing your home and stunning photos, and good luck with the decorating!



Welcome to my pad. It’s a Victorian terraced house, where I live with with my partner and son. We moved just before Christmas and are in the process of slowly renovating.

My style in 5 words… natural, personal, French, casual, inviting.


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