A quick word from me before I hand over to Maria to give you a tour of her house. Yesterday Maria was fighting the corner for the maximalists in my minimalist vs maximalist post. I wanted to show you guys the whole house in more detail, just because there’s so much more to see, and also Maria had such great decorating stories and advice for other people wanting to style or shoot their homes! Hope you enjoy…

Maria's maximalist pad

Maria’s pad in Oslo, Norway

Welcome to my pad. We’ve been here almost 3 years now. It’s a two storey modern villa that my husband and I built from scratch in 2012. It’s open plan and a fairly small house, so we need every inch of it, meaning every little corner has to appeal to us (and we’re getting there, not entirely done yet!)
My style in 5 words… Scandinavian vintage meets dark glamour.

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