This one is an oldie but a goodie. When I was working on Decorating with Style, I was lucky enough to get to shoot the home of Jean Christophe Aumas. It’s got Paris chic down to a tee – despite being a gorgeous 300 year old building (an old converted convent, as a matter of fact!), Jean-Christophe isn’t afraid to put his own spin on it to bring it right up to date, while keeping all the original architectural features intact.

His trick? Paint and colour of course! A lot of it if you were to describe it sounds weird – “Pink, navy, yellow and blue living room with mid-century furniture, modern art, and original antique parquet flooring and ornate fireplaces.” It shouldn’t work, but somehow it all does! This is the point I’m always trying to make about design – the less you worry about what ought to work on paper, and the more you experiment and just go with your gut, the cooler your place will be. Happy Wednesday everyone.

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