How being obsessive leads to success

The thing about me, is that I’m very black and white. Either I love or hate something, agree with you wholeheartedly or passionately disagree – there is no middle ground. I happen to think when it comes to business this is a good thing as the stronger and more obsessive you are about your idea, designs and business the more successful you will be.

Does that sound a tad selfish – absolutely? You and you alone know your business inside and out. You’ve conceptualised, dreamt about it, cried over it and probably bled over it too. Take Gem and I, we are passionately obsessive about interiors and our business. When we are travelling, which is every month these days, we have discussions (sometimes the odd argument too) about the direction we are going in, but we always want the same thing – jaw on the floor products and interiors. Things  that actually make your heart literally skip a beat, so you can’t stop thinking about them. I happen to think this is what makes us successful, creating products we want in our homes and environments that we want to hang out in.

I think it helps we are obsessive too. We have tunnel vision and if I’m honest, we tend to blot out the real world and follow our own drumbeat. It’s kind of uncanny because we are nearly four years apart (me older but obviously looking much younger!). Despite this, we are like twins – instantly loving or hating the very same thing. We constantly want to push, tweak, and move on.

By the way, I haven’t once walked into any one of our stores and thought we’ve nailed it. When I think we’ve knocked it out of the park and dance around celebrating, the very next day, I walk in and think no, we can do better. What I’m trying to say, in a very rambling way, is that the biggest asset your business has is, you. You, yourself and the unwavering belief you have in taking your business to places you once dreamt of.

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