This morning on the biz column we’re talking downtime, it  can help your biz, big time. Although I’m really not qualified to talk about this since I’ve been working non-stop since the end of August with barely a day off – and I’m whizzing to India tonight with Gem for 48 hours, back 5am Monday morn! So how I have the cheek to talk about it is a bit of joke. But it really is important, it keeps you sane and productive. (That’s obviously where I’m going wrong.)

The most important downtime of all of course is to sleep. I’m pretty good at this – early to bed and early to rise, and all that. Too little sleep and your brain won’t function and you make bad decisions. Plus it affects your mood (I’m so cranky when I’m sleep deprived), and everything seems that much harder when you’re tired. Problems you’d leap over or things you’d tackle quickly and normally suddenly seem impossible. So get lots of kip, it does makes you more productive!

Running your own biz means you’re constantly guilty of the sin of working on weekends. But it’s important to make space for having fun too. Try to take some time out, unwind – it will clear your mind and make you come back to work feeling refreshed. Strolls to farmers markets, through the forests, off to Maltby are all on my to do lists – once this month of working every weekend gets out of the way!

This is also the time to think big and plan ahead. When you leave the office behind you, you can reflect. I always reflect when I walk the M’s on the weekend, how’s it going, what’s working, what isn’t, happy not happy? You need to take a step back, otherwise you can’t see the wood for the trees as the saying goes.

I always plan my week on Sunday evening, I never like diving into Monday not prepared – it just saves me headaches Monday morning, and I like plans they make me happy! I track my goals (private jet so I can fly the M’s with me and not always leave them behind is my top goal)  Although a whiz into hot steamy India for less than 48 hours might not be their idea of fun!

I’m always thinking what’s next – it’s a bit like climbing to the top of the mountain. Beyond that mountain is a taller one, and beyond that yet another peak.On and on we go, hope to see you on route.

Have a lovely weekend, back Monday although possibly a little later than normal as I don’t think we touch down until round 6 am.



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