How I changed the way I decorate

One of the coolest things I have ever done in my pad is to restrain the colour palette. As I’ve gotten older I’ve moved on from a funky slightly kitsch kind of vibe too supremely glam and sophisticated. I’ve coupled with a tribal laid back kind of lair aesthetic. I used to rock a vibe that was threaded together with bright punches of colour, lots of blues, reds , saffron’s even pink! I’ve now totally restrained it all and reigned it in.

Now, I know many people aren’t going to sit down and figure out a whole house colour palette like me. Regrettably I am somewhat of an impatient kind of girl so once I’ve painted one room in a new hue, it throws out the next so it’s a snowball affect. I realise it’s a little easier for me than most, after all I spent a year working on a paint range, and tore my hair out on getting it right. As soon as one room got painted (Madison Grey – lower ground floor) I was a convert and became obsessed. Inkier, swampier and more sophisticated than anything I had seen I knew pretty quickly all rooms had to change.

Don’t forget that for a minute because this post isn’t really about paint instead its about looking at what you have, seeing if you are happy or not and if not re tweaking the colours, it’s the easiest quick fix you can do. You don’t have to re-paint walls, you might simply just need to pull back on all those colours on a shelf, for example. I know the more I reign in the colour the cooler my space goes. I happen to think 3 colours in a room look pretty darn cool!




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