How to create AA Bedroom Chic

The weather here has been absolutely dreadful for the past few weeks, so I have been thinking a lot about our new season autumn/winter17 collection. We have been beavering away pulling together our newness for our the cooler seasons and I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

With the new season nearly upon us, I thought it was time for a bedroom interior update. Get your bedroom ready for the cosy seasons with my bedroom overhaul.  Here are nine bedroom buys for an instant interior lift.


As you guys know, I am obsessed with lighting. In my opinion, every bedroom deserves  a statement piece from a chandelier to a bedside lamp. I love the cosy lighting in my bedroom and have played with scale with my fab Mud Beaded Chandelier.


Speaking of lighting, I adore mood lighting and can never have enough candles. Natural lighting and a warm glow of a cluster of candles can really transform your room.


Layers are so important. The thing about layers is that they are so transformative, they elevate a space to another level that you eye doesn’t quite know where to look. Your senses are more engaged and you feel intrigued, excited and tantalised! So easy to do, no?


Forget old overflowing laundry baskets and keep your room in check with a woven lidded one that complements your colour scheme.


As the temperatures drop this is when I love making my cosy home even cosier. I am obsessed with creating cosy spaces, places that urge you to linger longer. Perfectly lit, never overly designed, not polished, perfect or cleaned to an inch of their lives. Homes should tell our story, your story. Fill it full of the things you love, and you’ll find you will of effortlessly created a pad you love!

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