I didn’t realise until I became decorating obsessed just how much my surroundings had the power to totally influence my mood. Most of my day is spent stressing out, I know it shouldn’t, but it does. The larger the business has become, the more complex it seems to get, which makes the management of it more time consuming than ever before. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to have a calm, beautiful interior. Remember, my blue chairs that I loved forever? Well, they were beginning to jar in my head and kind of undermine the rest of the décor, so I got rid of them.

There’s almost no bright bursts of colour in here at all now – except the odd shot of yellow (a happy hue) and its made me feel more relaxed and calmer than ever. Here’s some other bits I do to create a calm home and happy home:


I am scent obsessed. I know I bang on about this a lot but it’s such a game changer. When you walk into a space that is already scented it makes such a difference, rather than having to light a candle I want the scent to hit me in the face, the moment I open the door. So, I have incense pyres that smell amazing unlit, scented rocks, potpouri – relaxing and tantalising all at the same time. Love! Love! Love!


I love green, especially green accessories like plants, they promote such an air of well-being and somehow they help me mentally unwind.


Talking of colours, I love ones that promote serenity and therefore opt for swampy, inky, bottom of the lake type hues. Now, I know these hues are not everyone’s idea of calm, but they are 100% mine!

Jean Louis Deniot

Jean Louis Deniot’s pad is all about super calming neutrals that make his space so sumptuous and relaxing the moment you walk in the door. There is no wrong or right to calming hues just choose ones that promote serenity for you!



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