Nothing gives a room the perfect finishing touch quite like flowers. The great things about our faux flowers, after they have been beautifully arranged, they won't droop on you a few days later.

Myself and the team have been working hard to change the bad wrap fake flowers have by introducing our very own faux botanical range. Our intricate arrangements have the variety and rich colour of real bouquets to keep your home looking fresh all year round. 

Here are a few of our fabulous fauxs to get you in the mood:

image: The Bucklebury bouquet

Let's get this out of the way: I love faux plants, I use faux plants and I give you full permission to use them, too. 

Now, if you're an awesome gardener, botanist, plant lover, green thumb wearin' gardenista , I take my hat off to you. HARD. Please know that I fully support your efforts and wish you endless luck and deeply-felt support as you grow plants and grow them well. 

Faux raspberry stem

image: Raspberry stem

Our new raspberry stems are an exciting variation on the traditionally autumnal. Super realistic with delicate raspberries in a rich pinky hue, put these at the top of your wish list.

San Morita Cactus

Image: San Morita Cactus

Join the faux revolution with our brand new San Morita cactus. Modelled on the famous species native to the Andean Mountains, columnar arms grow out from a lightweight pot.

Variegated Fern

Image: Variegated Fern

Foliages are our new favourite stems for the impending winter months.

The delicate arching fronds of our new fern stems are an AA favourite. Create a fabulously unique centrepiece by displaying on their own, or mix in with some of our other autumnal flowers for truly interesting arrangements.

Faux Mimosa

Image: Mimosa White 

Add some textural variation and plump up your AA arrangements with our delightful new wild flowers.