I adore layering, it is one of the secrets to achieving my AA style. If carried out well, the result will totally create a cool laid back space you’ll never want to leave.


A rug (or two) is especially important when you are glaming up your pad. It can subtly help to visually define one area to another – I have this definition from my kitchen to my living area. Remember, rugs are hugely versatile, I often throw a sheepskin over a chair, which instantly adds a cosy vibe.


I am so not one for trends or uniformity. Having an eclectic mix of goodies is the secret to creating beautiful layers. I always make sure I have a great mix of chairs, sofas and tables to create a dramatic and interesting space to discover. Rooms that look too ‘decorated’ look uptight and stuffy. One of the reasons I am so obsessed with my furniture range is because they immediately lighten the mood.


I’ve been championing faux flowers for years and years now and absolutely adore them. I’ve always used them in my own pad, but now I’ve developed my own collection they’re absolutely everywhere! The more greenery and foliage the better in my humble my opinion.


If you only do one thing this year do this, it will increase the verticality of your walls, it will make your space feel bigger, grander, cooler it’s the biggest game changer around! That is of course, painting everything out the same hues as the walls – ceilings, skirting’s, windows, radiators even! This will add instant glamour and create oodles of endless layers!

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