Today allow me to present my tried and tested, 100% guaranteed tips for choosing just the right sofa. The sofa is one of the largest, and oftentimes most expensive pieces of furniture you’ll ever buy, so it’s an important piece.

Mine is a George Smith classic beauty in a caramel mohair/cashmere blend. And yes, it was an investment but it’s lasted over 15 years and is as comfy as ever and I might add still covered in the same original upholstery. More sturdy than you might imagine, even with years of wear in it and two dogs constantly snuggled up on it.

The trick with sofas is to select and buy something supremely comfy. I’ve had clients with precious fabrics on theirs who jump out of their seats with nerves whenever you plonk down with a glass of wine drink – not for me. Your living room is for relaxing first and foremost, so if you can’t do that then your sofa choice is wrong. Leather, velvets or a hardwearing wool, knit or tweed are what you want, if you ask me!

Next up: size does matter. Don’t go too massive. As tempting as it is to buy the biggest hugest sectional or sofa to fill up the space, it can drain the energy out of the room. If you’ve got a lot of space to fill look at buying a few odd chairs and creating a conversational seating zone that isn’t just the sofa. This is all a study in contrasts too – the more boxy the main sofa the more leggy and dainty your chairs should be.

On the other hand if you have a small room then sofas without arms, like our fab Wild Bill loveseat, will give the illusion of more space. Oh and in my book small movable side tables are fundamental for practicality – somewhere to put down that drink or your book – as well as for cozying the space up. Side tables can be tiny, but they’re still essential! They’re the sidekick every sofa needs. Finally it’s a good idea to bring in the odd low table, floor cushion or ottoman so you can always put your feet up should you wish. I’ve got a Rasta cushion handy at every seating area. And there you have it!





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