There are certain things I would absolutely never be without before the holidays. It’s a time of year when you’re entertaining more, so you want your pad to feel beautiful and welcoming. But even if it’s just to cosy the space up for you, here are the little touches that totally and utterly transform my pad. If I’m completely honest, these are decorating rules that I live by all year round. Oh and by the way I think its acceptable to go full on festive at the beginning of November – the house always looks so lovely and just leaving it for a few weeks in December is too short!


Branches, foliage, seasonal flowers, plants… these little touches bring me joy and make my house look and feel cool especially at this time of year. I don’t wait till December either, as soon as the seasons tip into Autumn I use foliages and branches everywhere.

Consider wintry flowers and foliage, too, including mossy branches, catkins, mistletoe, berries and bunches of herbs from the garden. It’s a look I love so much that we’ve created heaps of faux foliage for our botanicals collection this season.

Sparkle & candlelight

A touch of sparkle is always a good addition! If you have unexpected guests round, lighting a few candles adds instant atmosphere. When time is short, copious amounts of fairy lights and candles always do the trick. I love clusters of tea lights in metallic or glass holders. Shimmery t-lights, metallic vases goes a long way and always feels so festive.

Foraged finds

On walks in the forest with the M’s I’ll go and gather leaves, fur cones and rest them on the mantle or tables for a totally festive look. I’ll spray peppercorns gold or copper and put in little jam jars – super sweet. I’ll pick ivy and bay from the garden and plop in t-light holders and put everywhere. I love using fragrant herbs for both the look and fragrance. I am scent obsessed I’ve got scented candles, incense, patchouli, aromatic oil, pot pourri – exuding the most festive fragrance.

Oh and one final thing… each year I have an internal fight with myself with what to remove in order to shove in a big Christmas tree, as everything looks so cool I never want to take out chairs and tables to replace with the tree. Last year I stopped pressurising myself and instead choose smaller trees which I elevated onto little tables everywhere. Sorted!

Let me know if you have any simple tricks for making your home look fabulous over the holidays.


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