Kelly Wearstler in COLOUR

So as you guys probably all know Kelly Wearstler is one of my top design heroes. I’ve been a fan of Kelly’s for years now, so imagine how excited I was to shoot her Malibu pad for COLOUR.

Kelly’s uncompromising style deftly mixes art deco, mid-century modern, Hollywood Regency, even a bit of disco decadence. Her place in Malibu is her get away retreat, and it feels incredibly chilled despite these kaleidoscopic style influences. The minute you walk through the door you’re cocooned by beautiful soothing colours, and tons of flowing texture and movement.

The incredible sound of the ocean echoes around the whole pad. There are lots of little visual references to it too, like a chandelier that resembles seaweed or the marble Kelly’s used everywhere. In the kitchen the walls and island are both rainforest marble, and it crops up on walls, vanities and fireplaces throughout the house. There are different hues in every room ranging from watering green to brooding storm cloud black. The marble is just mesmerising – textured, organic and full of movement like the ocean, it begs to be touched!

Although the colour palette is muted it’s complex – think silvery barnacle grey, white and driftwood taupe. Bleached walnut floors run throughout, and the furniture is low slung, relaxed and comfy. The dining room has a monumental stone table but the artwork casually propped against the credenza keeps the room from feeling too formal. Your eye is constantly tugged and pulled towards the panoramic seascape outside and two massive rocks offshore punctuate the horizon. All the furniture is low for a reason to play off the horizon line, so you’re always pulled back to that ocean view.

I would have said it’s impossible, but as always my fab photog Graham Atkins-Hughes did an amazing job of capturing the incredible vibe of the house. I guess that’s why he does the pictures hey! I’ve picked a few sneak peeks to show you all, but there’s more in the book. The finishing touch is a wooden deck that cantilevers out from the Malibu cliff, so you actually feel as if you’re on a boat when you sit on the terrace and see nothing but water. Adore!

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