Kitchen face lifts

The busiest room in the house, the kitchen, is often times the most expensive one to decorate – something I resent big time. Splashing the cash on fridges, ovens, and worktops for me at least is a big pain in the ass. I would rather spend my money on mirrors, chandeliers, art the fun stuff. So if you have a kitchen that needs a bit of fixing up before tearing down everything and spending zillions here are some quick fix ideas to totally transform it:

Change ups the hardware – it's the quickest facelift of all-time – done and dusted in half an hour. Think outside the box a little I’ve used the most amazing big fat copper wall hooks on my bedroom robe (Australian speak from wardrobe) and it makes them look a zillion bucks!

Ditch the upper cabinets – I know I know this is scary but here me out. If you replace them with shelves it will automatically change the vibe of the kitchen making it feel way more contemporary? Everything behind closed doors can look a little sad, yes you will need to curate what's up there – but by just decanting grains, pastas and cereals into glass jars,  will make the hugest difference. Promise!

Change the faucets – if I didn’t have a stainless steel work surface I would in a jiffy swap out my stainless tap with a gold one – warmer to the eye and super cool.

Change the lighting – I say this a lot but putting a chandelier in the middle of your kitchen (mine hangs over my island) is the biggest game changer in the book. It adds instant glamour, personality and makes the space feel like a cool room to hang out in.

Change up the accessories – wooden chopping boards, slate platters, ceramic bowls will all look fabulous on the surface rather than hidden away.

Add a table – once on a project in the smallest kitchen on earth we floated a small table which took the eye off the smallness and onto the coolness. Conventionally one would never do such a thing – taking up valuable floor space but I can’t bang on enough about how it changed the dynamic of the room. It became a place to have a cup of coffee with the paper in the morning, cup of tea in the afternoon plus, it double dutied as a central island work surface.  If I say so myself it was pretty darn genius!

Change the back splash – there are so many different ways to go with back splashes, from cool tiles to cool wallpaper with Perspex in front. If you can go for something patterned even better as kitchens lack patterns big time.
So there you have it quick fixes for kitchens – gotta fly late late late for the gym

Photography Graham Atkins HughesPhotography Graham Atkins Hughes
Photography Graham Atkins HughesPhotography Graham Atkins Hughes


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