Kitchen Talk

I’m talking kitchens again, yes I know recently I was on the subject but in the last week I’ve seen 4 different kitchens all with the same dilemma, neglect.   Why is it that kitchens tend to get a little bit neglected, rather like hallways? We spend money on appliances and units (some people spend zillions) and yet I find they are rarely softened with stuff but remain quite sterile. This is sort of OK (its not really but I’m feeling kind) if your kitchen is in a room on its own, where you can shut the door and disconnect it from everything else. When its open plan like mine its soooooo not OK, beautiful fab dining area, cool hang out lounge and then rather sterile kitchen, doesn’t add up right?  So here’s the trick treat it as say you would your living room. Plonk lights on counters, heap recipe books on surfaces, accessorise with flowers and t-lights, bottles of oils, vinegars and before long you will have built up a layer of fabulousness that totally connects with the rest of the space. I’ve got rugs skimming floors all over my kitchen – they share a similar colour palette to the other rugs in the basement but are essentially tribal in feel. They cosy up the space no end, I’ve also plonked a little impromptu bar under the kitchen window where a big bunch of blooms stand proud surrounded by carafes housing whisky and wine (isn’t that a song)? There are a lot of negative spaces in kitchens so my plan is to layer them up with stuff.

How cool is this say under a window – a long low bench or beautiful slab of wood with a fab row of recipe books. It can double up as an impromptu seat where guests can perch while your cooking and it adds another layer.

When I worked on Heston Blumenthal’s programme one of his chiefs told me always to have jugs nearby containing spoons, whisks the stuff that you regularly need so in a sweet little jug from Anthropologie sit a collection of my wooden spoons, nothing fancy but it adds another dimension to the counter.

A detail of my kitchen below full with stuff as you will see (photography Rebecca Reid).

Have a fab Thursday I’m off to the store to get out some fab new stuff and then lunching at Pizza East with agent – very nice!


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