Kravitz cool at CB2

How do you go about combining louche-y swagger with touches of rocker glam, and a healthy dose of Californian cool? It’s a mix that’s super hard to get right, but this new highstreet collection nails it! The genius behind this collection is none other than Mr Lenny Kravitz, so no surprise that he can do rocker better than anyone. His CB2 collection launched this week, and you can find it in stores State-side, or shop online if you’re in the UK.


This collection plays with a lot of different elements so you need some kind of glue that holds everything together. Before drilling into that I should say I am the hugest fan of mashing up different periods and styles. Nothing gets my heart rate pounding more than the combo of slick metallic finishes, shaggy textural rugs, tribal printed cushions, boho versus glam, all meshed together in this fabulous space.

Bousaf side table


It works because the colour palette is restrained, mostly black, white and gold, with a few earthy tones and dark woods. This is my number one top tip of all time – Lenny clearly reads my blog! (I wish). There’s a beautiful interplay of shapes with fluid lines up against sharp edges, and circular elements sitting alongside more boxy pieces. Textural contrasts abound too, from sleek molten metallics to shaggy sheepskin cushions and rugs. There are some dramatic gestures that just shout check me out – case in point, those rugs and all the metallic bling! Take a bow, Mr. Kravitz.

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