Making a house a home

What’s the secret to making a house feel like a home? I’m talking a cosy, welcoming bolthole, the kind of home you walk into and feel immediately happy and relaxed in. You know how sometimes you can walk into someone’s pad and it feels instantly curl-uppabble, intriguing and at the very same time beckons you to linger and hang out a while – what’s the secret to that?

I reckon it’s the following:

Personal touches

The more personal touches you add the more unique your pad will feel, like this collection of hats hanging in Doub Hanshaw’s pad (check out the slide show) Stylish, cool, unique I love. Doub has a love of vintage from her clothes to her furnishings so this sweet little vignette totally reflects who she is! Once you start filling your home with things that you love and you use regularly you’ll find it oozes cosiness.


I have pot pouri all over the house from Santa Maria Novella, beautiful scented hand soap from Aesop hangs out in the bathrooms & candles by Tatine sit on my desk and dining table. I also buy bunches of eucalyptus which softly scent the air. Oh and something I used to buy all the time from Summerill & Bishop was lavender essence for mopping the floors. It lingers forever, gently scenting the air with the perfume of lavender from Provence. Love!

Get tactile

The more you fill your home with things that beg you to touch and feel them the cosier your home will be. Adding layers of contrasting textures is one of the most transformative things you can do think slubby cushions, rugs skimming floors an old table, pieces like this instantly add warmth to a room.

Mix it up

Try doing something that scares you! Add pattern, add something oversized, paint something out in an unusual colour, wallpaper something, string lights way too low, pile on oodles of cushions. It will give you confidence to experiment more and you know what it’s the strangest thing because it becomes hugely addictive.

Add squishy furniture

I say this a lot but your furniture has to ooze cosiness in order for your room to feel cosy. Anything that doesn’t to make it feel instantly snuggly add throws. I plonk sheepskins over a lot of my leather chairs it injects instant cosiness, the two M’s love!



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