Making over a living room

I have to say I’m really enjoying my AA design-ometer month, hope you guys are too! For the final makeover of this month we’re focusing on Helena’s pad and a living room makeover. “A room desperately in need of the AA touch” to quote Helena!

So where to start?

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 09.45.33Let’s address the main problems first shall we. First and foremost there isn’t enough colour variation which is why the scheme looks a little dull. The walls sort of merge with the furniture so we need to address that. Next everything is quite boxy, i.e. sofas, bookcases, ottoman, table so we need more leggy pieces so the space can breathe a tad as well as introducing some circular accents. I think the pendant is too small for the space, because Helena has the potential to go really bold and dramatic here.



Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 09.45.26The bookcases either side of the window either need to be shelves so they take up more of the wall space or  a lower unit altogether which can float under the window. Something made from MDF or a console would do the trick nicely. That way you can plonk a couple of lamps on there and it will lift the space immediately. Bare windowsills need a few accessories, plants, candles, sculpture  once you start layering up magic happens. Other than that it’s just a case of adding some textural variation.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 09.45.18If the sofas are staying I would up the ante by slinging a throw over one (I love to layer sheepskins on all of mine) and adding some different cushions. A soft grey wall colour would complement the yellow upholstery beautifully. Patterns would lift this space so I would skim rugs with a motif across the floor. Ceilings, radiators, skirting all should be painted out the same colour as the walls it will make the space feel much grander.

Check out my inspirational mood board for leggy pieces, colour palettes, rug ideas and in general layers. Like I said if everything is quite boxy add legs, if there are too many legs add boxy shapes. Easy no? Accessories turn a space around adding life and soul to the space so don’t be scared to go overboard. You’ll notice a sheepskin on one of the chairs on the mood board (lovely for adding texture and cosines) as well as an abundance of art!

Hope that helps Helena, keep in touch with how it’s all going.




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