Forgive the lack of posts recently  its crazy here at HQ. Last week we were totally consumed with the shoot, this week we’re totally consumed with the brochure, next week the website, the week after that revamp of the store – it never stops. The best news is that the brochure is looking beautiful its in its very early stages but I keep sneaking peaks of it. Makes my heart skip a beat!

I was thinking this morn we could talk about hallways or more specifically bijou ones and how to make them work.

I happen to think that hallways are one of the most neglected rooms in the house, end of! I guess we rush in rush out and don’t really think about them too much but as I say in my design classes all the time when I put my key through my door I want to walk into a magical space that transports me to a different planet.

Often times these spaces are small but don’t let that put you off. Below are my go to tips for maximizing the size of your entranceway or hallway.

Paint everything out the same hue: When doors, trim, ceilings and walls all go the same colour everything will look one hundred times bigger, promise. Forget about painting it out light (that makes zero difference) and instead blur those boundary lines and go dark! Best piece of advice I can ever give.

Make it multifunctional: I’ve seen hallways double duty as an impromptu office. Skinny console, chair, lamp wham bam you’ve suddenly got a little perch for paper working!

Take the attention away: The thing with interiors is that we want to tantalize the eye and distract it from anything awkward or ugly so add some statement pieces. The eye will go straight too them which is exactly our plan.

Add a mirror: Mirrors are the easiest way of expanding horizons adding depth and drama so they are great in entryways, at the end of your hallway or above your console. Where ever you so fancy!

Decorate your hallway like your living room: We spend so much time making our living rooms cool why not apply the same principles to the hall. Put stuff in there that you would normally put in your  living rooms. I’m talking paintings on walls, rugs on floors, the odd plant on a skinny console. It will take the attention away from the hall being small and instead make it cool!

Simple no?


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