Making small spaces larger

This week is a bit of a toughie – I’m alright with it now its only Tuesday after all but I have the craziest amount of work to do so will be pulling some long days. I set the alarm for 4.30 but then turned it off and went back to sleep until now – 6am – not so good.

Hope you liked the first Open Call submissions from now on once every two weeks on a Monday shall post the new selections. All submissions please email  I should also mention that as a result of Open Call I have found some fabulous art for the store from one particular artist whose work I am also about to buy for my house – very exciting.  Shall do a special posting on that shortly.

In the meantime lets talk. Refinery29 - do you guys know of it? It's a fab US site that covers fashion, beauty, interiors etc. and they asked four top London designers (their words not mine) their go to tricks to help make the most of small spaces. I was flattered to contribute – some of our tips below:

Paint everything out the same colour – walls, ceiling, trim, and floors as well if you dare – it will change your life and make your space look 10 times bigger.

Add more lighting than you think – just when you think you are there I want to persuade you to add more. Lighting expands horizons, which is exactly what you are after in a small space

Add shiny things, things with reflective surfaces, throw light around the space, not only that like magpies we are drawn to shiny reflective surfaces as they catch, and tantalise our eye

Don’t be afraid to ramp up the scale by putting things that are too big in these bijou spaces – not only does it give your pad an Alice in Wonderland vibe, it adds a magical twist, an element of the unexpected.

I love small spaces, even when I work with large open plan spaces I have this urge to create lots of small little vignettes.

For me (and decorating is personal) I don’t want to walk into an open plan sparsely furnished room (no thanks) I want to walk into a space that makes me happy, tells me stories and creates memories.

I’ve shown you this image a thousand times please forgive, it's of my home and I love it. Its open plan but made super cosy (and small) by creating lots of tiny nooks – its our TV room if you like and its the squidgest most comfy place I know. After a long day it's where we snuggle, sip wine, watch a movie and chill.

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes
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