I originally planned to talk cosy nooks and favourite comfy spots today. Maybe because I’m missing home while away in Asia – the days are fun but long and exhausting, and no hotel can make you feel like home does! But then I must admit I went a bit left-field, because if there’s something I’m missing even more than home it’s the two M’s (or my dogs, Mungo & Maud if you’re not familiar). So I thought I’d tell you about their favourite cosy spots instead, if you’ll indulge me! Anyway, they’re expert, because the M’s like to lounge. Mungo (or Monkey as I affectionately call him) is none too fussy – he’s a boy and one that isn’t too worried about where he’s plonking.

IMG_9313I spy with my little eye… AKA “Where’s Mungo?”

Maud on the other hand is a little more particular (a little more like her mother I might add)! She will only snooze in certain places – the cashmere/mohair sofa being her favourite nook. Followed by the leather chair which a bit like princess and the pea is covered in sheepskins and throws. Maud although she exudes a tough girl attitude is a complete snuggler. If I go down and plonk on a sofa or chair no matter how big or small she snuggles up and hangs out with me.


Monkey on the other hand prefers the hard surfaces of the floor or even on the grate, which can’t be comfy right? He loves sleeping under the bar too (don’t ask!). We think he’s a secret boozehound whenever I’m out. If he ventures up the sofa where the girls are hanging out it’s often met with a growl from you know whom!

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 09.17.07

PS: if you want to see more of these two, I’m playing a little game of “spot the Ms” over on Facebook every Monday. They pop up in all my photos anyway, they’re such attention-seekers, Maud even muscled her way into a big photo shoot last week. So I thought I might as well stash away the bloopers and do something fun with them. Can’t wait to see these two again soon!


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