With the dreadful weather here, I thought I would put down my top tips to making my perfect duvet day list.

Mercer Green


People should never shy away from using moody, inky hues in the home. I’m absolutely evangelical about going to the dark side, because nothing has made more of a difference to my home, or how I feel about it! Dark colours bring make s pace feel cosy and dramatic in one go – they wrap you up in a cocooning enveloping embrace, show off your colour confidence and decorating know-how, and will leave all the nay-sayers with serious house envy.


For me, lighting is an integral part to making a room feel homely and cosy. Without even realising it, the quality of light in a home can have a huge effect on people in many different ways. Dingy and drab environments can make you feel sluggish and down, where if something is designed well it can have a positive affect improving moods and increased productivity.

Pendant Lighting


I adore layering, it is one of the secrets to achieving my AA style. If carried out well, the result will totally create a cool laid back space you’ll never want to leave. Layers are so important to making the perfect duvet days. Snuggling down with a heavy sheepskin rug or a cosy cushion is the ultimate AA duvet day.