When I first moved into this pad I pulled all the old plants out bar a beautiful old lilac tree. Not being green fingered I pebbled the whole lawn planted a row of bamboo down one section and jasmine the other and called it a day. That was in my minimal phase (I know, I know. I must have been on some other planet!).


My garden in it’s early phase

Photography: Todd Selby,

As I cozied up my home I wanted to also cosy up my garden so I got rid of all the pebbles and started again. Now I don’t have hours and hours in my life to garden but I want it to always look amazing summer and winter and not to take too much time to maintain. Not too much to ask right? So here are my tips for having the coolest garden on the planet that doesn’t involve hours of work:


Maud hiding in the greenery!
Go for evergreen plants

I have a double height glass window that looks out onto the garden so I didn’t want half the year to look out on bare trees and shrubs. At the very same time I didn’t want a garden the required a lot of maintenance. Now I should warn in growing months I’m out there a lot tidying, sweeping, pruning a tad but that’s OK it’s a nice sort of gardening.

My garden in winter

Evergreen plants are fab for adding interest just remember in order to keep it intriguing go for lots of different types of green. The black bamboo I have is feathery flurries around in the wind and is much more limey in hue than the jasmine which is quite static and forest green. Those being my two anchors I then thought about the rest of the plot.

Add seating areas

I have seating areas everywhere. By the cabin, on the terrace, by the fireplace, next to the outdoor kitchen. Everywhere. AND everywhere there is a seating area there’s a chandelier suspended from trees or wires and little lamps floor and table – it cuts down on the planting and it makes the garden look and feel like another room of house.


I have quite a few things in pots which in spring/summer months need watering every day (bit of a bind) but I like that part. Anything in a container has restricted growth which cuts down on all the work – good thing! Plus you can go all out with gorgeous planters.

Add a cabin

I bought an old cabin type shed off eBay for 100 quid and plopped it at the end of the garden.

Faux slated the walls, added a deck out front, painted it and it’s brought so much interest and intrigue to my outdoor space. Plus point I now don’t have to worry about planting up that big area – yay!

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