I’ve got a thing about panelling – it shouts gentleman’s club, cigar club and all round unique snug place to hang out and have a quiet few. Of course my club would need a fire crackling in the grate at all times – but enough about me. Its super easy to transpose the look and feel of such a hang out to your very own home but the decision is whether to go rustic yet chic a la Shoreditch house (image below) or glam, sophisticated and grown up. I dither between the two. If you fancy the rustic look then reclamation wood yards are the way to go – Ashwell being the one I visit probably more often than Top Shop (sad old thing that I am). There is something incredibly exciting about unearthing some old piece or pieces of wood that you can then make panel your walls with.

Love the rustic walls with the super glam chairs and rug.

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