Q&A with Marie Olsson Nylander

In a nutshell, how would you describe your design style?  

For me, design is all about the feeling… in a room, a house, a restaurant it’s all about the feelings you want to evoke. I don’t think in terms of specific eras or styles. I would say that I go for an eclectic mix of different styles, always with a lot of patina and antiques. Big objects mixed with a lot of love.

What’s your biggest source of inspiration?

I love France and that Parisian feeling. Or sometimes the French country feeling – it depends on my mood that day! As a designer I’ve actually been inspired a lot by you, Abigail! Everyone that makes something feel new and fresh, finds a new angle or something we’ve never seen before, that inspires me. And I’m very interested in history too. Looking around an old castle or abandoned chateau gives me goosepimples.

What makes a place feel like home to you?

When you feel that the owner loves and cares about his or her home. That warmth and welcoming atmosphere… it’s in the walls! You can feel it directly if a house is created with love and care, or if it’s just a statement piece to show off. If it’s just to show off it doesn’t do anything for me at all.

What one thing do you really want to do to transform your home?

I would like to redo my bathroom darker with Béton Ciré, and I’m also planning to build an indian glass summer house in the garden.

What would be your dream project to work on?

I’d love to do a string of nice interiors for smaller shops. Foodie places, restaurants, boutiques with brands that no one knows about. Making bijou little shops more beautiful and inspiring. I love to sew everything together. Most shops today are so boring… they’re too big and bland and you just want to leave ASAP. I think that all moments in life are important, even when you’re just popping out to buy food. Big shopping malls are not for me!!

I’m also dreaming of renovating an old farm in France or Italy to make it into a B&B.

What are your fool-proof styling tricks?

I work with textures and green plants and mirrors a lot. Texture is so SO important!!! Most of us know when the feeling of a room isn’t quite right but it’s hard to put your finger on it – usually the answer is not enough texture. You need weathered wood, velvet, linens, softness, hardness, steel. You can work in one colour palette, but you can never work with only one texture if you want the room to feel right.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I’m working on my new website and blog, a TV program in Sweden and my Indian glass house in my garden. Exciting!

Check out Marie’s instagram: @marieolssonnylander

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