Quiz: Autumn vibes

Thank you for all your lovely words yesterday about our newly revamped website. The flower classes go up online today I’ll give a shout out on social as soon as they are live. Big day today work starts on our space at Heal’s. There’s tiles to take off, walls, ceilings and skirts to paint and a zillion other things before our start date of the 23rd! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely feeling like Autumn is on the way here, not least because of the weather. Some leaves just beginning to turn, a chill in the air, foggy mornings, not to mention totally pouring it down most days! I haven’t managed to hit the pool since being back from Birmingham I had my few days of sleepless nights and they’ve now been super seeded by three days of bad headaches. If its not one thing its another right! Anyway I digress its kind of sad to say goodbye to summer but I always get excited by a change of season, especially with all the beautiful new products we have coming in. There’s no better time to switch things up at home I reckon than fall, and also it’s when I get to see all the designing and shooting and planning for the new collection finally come together.

I drew on lots of different inspirations for our Autumn/Winter collectionthink tomboy-ish borrowed from the boys style, gathering flowers up from English wildflower meadows and hedgerow foliage, then jetting across the world to the tropics for our plants, glamming it up with luxe materials like brass, gold and marble, and top it all off with my major cabin obsession. Phew! Sounds a bit all over the place but I feel we’ve pulled it all together to create something really exciting.

Eclectic is tricky to pull off but it’s what sets our pulses racing and what the AA look is known for. Plus the good news is that with all these different vibes, there’s always something to inspire you! So what wavelength are you on for this season? Take the quiz to find your perfect match for Autumn/Winter style vibes. Let me know what you get, I love hearing from you guys. Oh and speaking of style, I’ll be picking the winner of the “What’s my style” contest this week. Stay tuned!






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