I’m not a lover of perfectly designed spaces; the ones that feel like a show home. They are usually minimally decorated, where you have to take your shoes off at the door – sterile, static and boring with everything in a beige haze of blandness. Plop me in there and I have an automatic reaction, it instantly makes we want to climb the walls, drink a bottle of whisky or pop a Prozac!

The most alluring spaces for me are ones that are a little rough around the edges – inviting but in an accidental kind of way.



Have something that doesn’t make sense like an odd chair, a quirky sculpture, a super-sized chandelier or mirror – a great way to mess up the formulaic feel of a room. It will take your space to a whole other level.



I say this in all my classes, think of pattern and texture like a herb or spice to take your  rooms from ordinary to extraordinary.



I’ve got mirrors and reflective surfaces everywhere from actual mirrors to marble tables – they sparkle, add instant drama and make rooms look bigger than they really are.

Creating spaces that don’t take themselves too seriously isn’t that easy to create. You really want them to look sophisticated, or at least I do. So listen to your heart and pull back or add. You don’t get this look in an instant, it takes time and effort but when you nail it, you will never want to leave. Trust me on this!

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