Shake Up Your Art

Thank you so much to everyone who attended my book launch last night it was so great meeting everyone and yabbering about colour.

I thought this morning we should shake things up a tad, more specifically I’m focusing in on art.

At the start of this year I decided I wanted to devote some time to collecting art, something I’ve neglected for years due to lack of time, and to be honest have still neglected. I don’t think anyone of us have the collection of our dreams and if you do, lucky you but that doesn’t mean you can’t kick start your collection with pieces that don’t cost the earth. One of the coolest installations I ever saw was a huge canvas painted out in one solid hue a la Rothko and it looked incredible, so don’t start panicking that you need the big bucks to pull off something statement worthy.

Here are some of my tricks.

Upgrade your frame

To make any inexpensive piece of art look more drool worthy upgrade your frame. From the simple box to something ornate and cool. If its gold even better, you’ll be surprised at what a game changer it happens to be!

Go bigger

If you have a small painting or print to make it look way more expensive expand up the frame and mat size. Not only will it increase the visual impact it will take up more space on your wall and therefore look a trillion times grander. Clever no?

DIY your art

I saw this on apartment therapy (check out the image above) and I am a big fan! Some flea market, charity shop find (works very well if it’s a portrait) dip half of it in paint, voila! How cool is that?

Go darker on your walls

This isn’t me (again) trying to convert you but I promise you this when you paint your walls dark the power of that paint colour behind your artwork elevates to gallery esq levels. Promise!




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