Before I get onto today’s blog post just a bit of housekeeping stuff to run via you guys. Firstly thank you for all your amazing comments on social about the new botanical collection. It hit the Heal’s Leeds store (Red Brick Mills last week where Gem and I did the instal) and apparently they have been amazed by the response – which is so exciting. A new delivery arrives today at TCR (Tottenham Court Road Heal’s) so Gem and I are there as its a big swap around day.  Depending on deliveries turning up on time  we hope to have everything out and ready by around 2pm. The collection then hits our store this Thursday (there are some pieces there now) but the full collection arrives Thursday with Gem and I pulling an early morning as its a big change around.Oh and if you are wondering why there are not any bouquets on line its because after our trade show and our big American retailer taking zillions our florists have hundreds to make. Gem actually started at 1.30am last Saturday morning with another one of our key florists and spent 14 hours making bouquets! So they will be on line soon I just need to give them a week or so to catch up on all the back orders.

One more thing  Gem and I are super interested in seeing on Instagram all your botanical arrangements and will be running them across our social feeds so do show us on Insta, I am obsessed with seeing how other people use colour and flowers its so fascinating – the hashtag is:  #areyoufauxreal

So now down to biz. On social recently I asked you guys what you want to see more of on the blog (still open to suggestions on that by the way!) and in amongst all the amazing responses were queries about where I get inspiration from, addresses in my little black book, fave restaurants, wellbeing stuff etc etc. I’ve shared some of my favourite bars and shops from across the globe before, as well as my top off-the-beaten-track spots in London. So here’s a check in on some of my fave things right now:




A Wild Sheep Chase by Murakami. I love all books by Murakami and have read every single one.


Jazz, hip hop, lounge I’m a bit all over the place. Evenings see me pottering around downstairs with the French radio station Fip – they play really cool jazz most evenings. I’ve also got shazam on my phone and am always annoying people when out shazaming stuff!


La Colombe d’Or in the South of France, and the Mandarin Oriental’s in Asia. When I’m pulling long hours working I need an outside garden, a pool and a spa. Not much right!

Paint colour

Super hard to choose but I would say its Madison Grey although closely followed by Hudson Black and Mulberry. There’s something about Madison that makes my heart skip a beat. I’ve painted the whole Islington store and my open plan lower ground space in it. I am a little obsessed.

Decorating trick

My all time favourite trick is rearranging the furniture. I take everything out or heap it in a corner and then start again. Biggest stuff first followed by the 5-minute quick fixes next. My simplest decorating trick is to add dimmers and candlelight – it’s that easy.

New shopping find

Ashwell reclamation for amazing tropical woods – it’s a cheaper salvage place than Lassco and an amazing resource if you want unusual wood for any project!


Sorry but it’s a tie between Broadway (bottom of my road), Borough and Maltby – impossible to choose.


Breakfast spot

Towpath along the canal is my regular haunt. Wherever I go the M’s go so as this is outside we can potter to it on the weekend and there’s baskets of blankets to wrap yourself up in when it gets a bit nippy. Maud sits on my lap so she gets wrapped up also!


Everywhere and anywhere – from magazines, to museums, to Pinterest, to flea markets. I keep my eyes wild open at all times.


Gem naturally – what she does with flowers is awe inspiring. Her Christmas arrangements she does for me here are incredible! Stay tuned for more flower classes coming soon, including entertaining, Christmas decs and wreath workshops. Exciting stuff!


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