As the summer is heating up, I have begun to rekindle the love for my garden space. As work gets more and more crazy now with the potential of opening stores in Shanghai, Gemma and I taking my Design Class to Australia and trips coming up in Copenhagen, I am looking for more digital-free zones in my pad.

This got me stepping outside of my studio space and into the garden. I adore my little cabin retreat at the back of my garden and all the gorgeous foliage that seems to be on a mission to touch the moon. For me the garden has just evolved into a sanctuary and this got me thinking about how other people perceive their outdoor spaces. So, I thought I would share my ideas on how to make the most of your garden if it’s the size of a postage stamp or a football field.


I’ve never considered myself as a gardener as I treat my garden as I do with the interior by mixing things up. I LOVE blurring the lines of inside and out, and this is the same for outdoor spaces. Why shouldn’t your sofa in your living area be as cosy as your outdoor seating? Create cosy areas with rich foliage that burst through the space – pick plants that you can really look after. As in cacti that don’t need much love or wisteria that needs some TLC.


I LOVE lighting – I am little obsessed by it. I didn’t realise the importance of lighting until I converted to the dark side but now I’m fanatical about it! It has magical powers, highlighting, adding depth and intrigue, drawing the eye, making a space look bigger, cosier you name it. Inside and out lighting rules always apply – ambient, task and lighting – find out more this way.


Even the smallest of areas can be turned into a cosy, decorative outdoor space. Enhance yours with a run of  stepped concrete slabs and use a narrow rustic-style table or bench to create a central focal point.


When you have a small outside space, leave the wow factor to the plants. Look for tropical varieties hardy enough to withstand the British weather and plant up your own jungle oasis. Add instant drama with towering palms and mix it up with some faux flowers. Check out the new cacti that have just dropped.
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