Small space tricks and tips for the tiniest of spaces

Before I kick start today’s post a big thank you to my lovely international design class on Saturday. We were a mixed bunch from America, Australia, Paris, Netherlands, Spain, Canada and the UK of course. Thank you guys for making the day so much fun!

Today I thought I would talk small spaces, having the smallest space ever at the bottom of my garden has made me rethink somewhat. I confess I had a wobble halfway through decorating the cabin. It’s size restrictions caused a bit of panic as it can basically take a console, a desk and then either a chair or wood burning stove and that is it. The ceiling is too low to hang any kind of pendant, and you can’t create my all important layers so no coffee tables in front of consoles next to chairs – it’s bijou to say the least.

However I figured it out in the end. The key I think is not to add tiny teeny small scale pieces, as these will simply draw the attention to the bijou-ness of the space. Go big and confident! Here’s how I went about it:

Supersize stuff. Lamps, foliage, sculpture, art (whatever you have). It makes the space more grandiose and is a game changer.

Clever paint tricks. Whatever paint colour you’ve gone for, paint ceilings the same colour as your walls. I know I say this a thousand times but seriously you will make the space a zillion times bigger, especially if you have low ceilings.

Reign in the colour palette. In order for small spaces to feel sophisticated and intriguing less is more when it comes to colour. You’ll be wanting the space to harmonize not jar it takes the focus off the fact that it’s small.

Overdose on texture. Texture adds instant depth and coziness which is what we want to leverage upon being small right. Just remember to contrast as many surfaces as you possibly can and that is pretty much it.

Soon I’ll show you some before and afters of the cabin, although I’ve hardly done anything really it is amazing how you can turn things around.  I’m off to hit the pool, achy hip syndrome has returned because I haven’t been swimming regularly and I’m in pain all the time so I have to get off my lazy ass and go hit the lido!

Have a good day.


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