Solid gold kitchens

I’ve been watching quite a bit of The Block of late, it’s an Australian reno show and this week it’s kitchen week.If I could I would start from scratch with mine but I can’t really afford to indulge this whim at the moment! As my tastes have changed I’ve gone from loving industrial style kitchens to loving glam kitchens. Truthfully I do like mine, but it would be great fun to dabble with a more glam look… that’s the thing with decorating, you always feel that you could just do things so much better if you were to start again!

Anyway I am obsessed OBSESSED I tell you with gold in the kitchen. It’s such a beautiful, comforting metallic, much warmer and more luxe than chrome or steel. Kitchens are pretty hard to inject a bit of luxe and glam into, but to avoid being too sterile and functional this is the perfect material I reckon.

Cameron Diaz kitchen, Kelly Wearstler

So where to start? Well if it were me I would first replace the taps with brass ones, update all the hardware details, and then I would be tempted to go all out with a hammered metal backsplash. How amazing is this one? It’s Cameron Diaz’s kitchen designed by the always awesome Kelly Wearstler. I might well have featured it on the blog before, but no apologies because it’s totally fab and so inspiring!

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 09.44.23

Jean-Louis Deniot, COLOUR

Or you could go full on heavy-metal and do this. How beautiful are these golden cabinets? They’re in the Left Bank apartment kitchen of Jean-Louis Deniot, which I was lucky enough to get to shoot for COLOUR. I tracked him down because the first second I saw this kitchen I just had to know who the space belonged to and also where to get this gold! It is so very beautiful. The rest of the apartment is jaw-droppingly glam too, you can see more pics in COLOUR, and I must try to stick some of them up on a house crush post soon too.

Anyway, enjoy the slideshow inspiration above – oodles and oodles of gorgeous golden kitchens, not helping with my kitchen envy at all!

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