Some thoughts on Escapism

About a month ago I had the pleasure of opening my doors to the Gardener’s World team and the most fabulous, Joe Swift.

I recall saying to Joe, more stressful and crazy my life gets, the more I look to find refuge and  a magical world away from all the crazy hub-bub.

Then I realised – without even consciously thinking about it – I have created digital detox areas – nooks, retreats and small spaces that are devoid of digital distraction. Cosy areas with deep seated sofas, oodles of sheepskins, chunky knit wool cushions, glamorous lighting. I’ve even created these spaces in the garden, which is beginning to look and feel like a forest.

I love my cabin retreat at the bottom of my garden with my fabulous fire pit. I’m obsessed with cooking on wood and invested in a dutch oven and an outdoor fireplace – they are just wonderful!

If you rewind 12 years ago (when I had a simpler life) there were just 3 of us running the biz – me, Gem and a part-timer. Now the business is expanding really quickly  I am now looking for slower pace, more laid back and grounded low tech zones – interacting more with nature.

Reading back, I’m not too sure my exact purpose of this post other than to talk to you guys about where I’m at design wise and mentally. I’m finding myself deeply rooted in creating spaces that are timeless, sophisticated and tantalising.

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