South Africa

Bit of a funny inside-out House Crush, this one. Because although this South Africa pad is pretty cool inside, let’s face it it’s all about the garden here. I’m the hugest fan of using your outdoor space and view as an extra component of decorating. Here the super simple decor makes the incredible surroundings the centre of attention instead, with vivid green and turquoise hues echoing the colour palette beyond the windows. Plus all the matt black makes everything look even cooler, greenery and garden included. Love!

Even if we don’t all have the lush Cape Town tropics at our window (I wish), there are still things you can do to liven up your garden space. First up is light it, of course! It’s the only way to still enjoy your garden in the depths of the dreary, dark evenings we’re getting at the moment. It’s just as important to me how the garden looks from the inside as out, particularly at this time of year when I must confess I don’t get outside as much as I ought to. I don’t have any blinds or curtains on my ground and lower ground floor, instead I’ve planted up my gardens to screen the windows instead. My little front yard has wicker baskets as planters, moss topiary and a big sprawling fig tree. Out the back, eucalyptus and bamboo shield us from the neighbours and create the most luscious backdrop all year round. That’s how I cope with the seasonal S.A.D.s anyway! Let me know what you guys do to enjoy your gardens in winter, would love to hear. Oh and enjoy the lush South African escapism.

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