Storage, storage, storage – there is just never enough. As you know, I am a maximalist and so I love having lots of things out to look at.

As we are now officially in spring,  many of us are looking to our home to mix things up and store winter woolies away. I change very little in my own pad from season to season, because I love how it looks all year round. Rather than any major rearrangements, I’m more likely to change up my vignettes and displays a little instead. That said, I am always looking for inspiring ways to hide clutter and put hide things away.  Here are my top tips to achieving top stylish storage:


Get your furniture away from the wall – Backing all your furniture right up against the wall is one of the biggest furniture faux pas ever. No matter how small the room, the minute you bring things in towards the centre (even by a few inches!), you’ll change the whole atmosphere, create a breathing space and make your space appear bigger. Promise!



Forget so-called design “rules”, and just start experimenting. It’s so invigorating and liberating, and there’s no better way to discover your own style. If the dresser doesn’t look as fabulous there as you thought it would, shift it back again. No big deal!


Let your storage solution also help to define your space. Simple bookshelves that can help define the height of your room or even divide space up. Storage is can be a dark art – just relax you’ll get there.


As I said at the beginning of this post, I love having my having things around me. Sometimes you don’t always need to hide things away. Woolly rugs are a great to have out on display throughout any season – don’t box them away until winter. The same goes for all of your cosy throws.
I always have my cooking books out in the kitchen. They are great to have out for practical reasons, but they act as great storage too!



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