Throughout the month I’ll be peppering the blog with snippets from my Design Schools, little AA takeaways if you will! These are a few of my favourite tips to add oodles of style to your pad. I’ll also be turning the floor over to you guys to see what you think too.

Before I begin I just want to mention that there is no wrong or right here. One look isn’t cooler than the other – it comes down to personal choice. And I have certainly dabbled in both! The biggest thing I preach in my classes is confidence – giving people the confidence not to self-doubt, second-guess or put something on hold because they think it won’t work. Do it, try it and get off the fence is my mantra.

Bedford Brown interiors

Lots of people love symmetry and I can see why. First of all it’s an easy look to pull off. It immediately feels balanced, ordered and stylish. A great look I should say if you have a focal point to decorate around like a fireplace or built in bookcases.

A word of warning though – in order to prevent the room looking too prim keep things askew – otherwise it will feel way too snooty. By this I mean have a floor lamp off to the side, an odd grouping of art on a wall or a cluster of different cushions on a sofa.


Super unstructured, casual and if I’m honest more up my street. It’s the freedom of asymmetry I love. I find it gives me the freedom to arrange in a non-structural way – working in far-flung finds whenever I so wish. Having said that I would advise to reign in the colour palette (how many times do I say that a week) because otherwise it can feel a bit magpie ish and messy.

There are examples from my own decorating above, so scroll through the pics and let me know – which do you guys prefer? Do you think one approach works better in certain rooms or styles?

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