15 Oct


The Inspired Home: Nests of Creatives is what’s sitting on my coffee table right now. It’s a gorgeous hefty coffee table book by Kim Ficaro & Todd Nickey, published by Rizzoli. I like nothing else than being a sticky beak, (Aussie slang for a nosey parker!) and this book nails it. It peaks into 17 houses belonging to creative types from designers to writers, and you get a real insight into their personal abodes. Better still, the whole book is shot by Ditte Isager whose photography I adore. As well as being half of the brainy team behind The Inspired...
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08 Oct


The Drunken Botanist is a really cool eclectic little book which is always on my coffee table. It’s a great guide to all the hidden plants in your booze, and how to mix up brilliant drinks by pillaging your own garden. I’m totally obsessed with pulling off that cool cocktail hour vibe at home at the moment, when it’s darker and colder and you just don’t feel like going out, so this is perfect. I’m really excited that we managed to pin down the author, Amy Stewart, for a quick Q&A on the blog. She’s an expert in both botany and booze, so my kind...
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11 Sep

Tropical Style

If you’ve seen my instagram recently, you might have noticed that a big cactus forest has just sprouted in my hallway! They’re all sample deliveries from my own label design, and it’s super exciting to see them “in the flesh”. This sudden indoor desert wasn’t planned, but it got me thinking – why can’t you create a hot, tropical oasis indoors? I don’t know whether I’m just missing summer already, but it’s great to inject a bit of tropical fun into the home. AND… I’d love to see the tropical touches you guys have in your own homes! Please share a photo...
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