I have a few pet peeves like say furniture shoved against the perimeter of rooms or white ceilings or matching sets of things or empty coffee tables. I guess that is a little more than a few! Whenever I see an empty table or even worse a table with a just a couple of sad remotes on it’s time to pop a pill!

For me minimalism and coffee tables don’t really go together. You don’t need to go overboard and over laden them but I think the minute you start layering up your table it turns your space into something just that little bit more special. What we’re trying to do here is marry things that you love with little luxuries & a few styling tricks along the way, elevating tables from drab to fab.  Think flowers, mags, boxes even, books, coasters that kind of stuff!

Here are my go to pieces:

Use trays or platters

Trays and platters are a must if you’ve got a whole load of itty-bitty same proportion type accessories as it will ground your collection. Also if your coffee table happens to be super big then when you put a tray on it it breaks up the surface  making it feel more intriguing!

Add pieces that make you feel good

I have heaps of books, a scented candle, some blooms, pot pouri even (no turning up of noses please it’s the best stuff in the world) Simple things but things that make me feel instantly happy!

Vary the height

Compositions matter. Period. If you want to look like a top notch designer you’ve got to think about creating this lively rhythm between objects – high, low, medium its way more interesting to the eye.

Candlelight, books, flowers

Always on every table in this house are books and candles or t-light holders, for two reasons. Firstly it sets a mood of relaxation and secondly books allow me to play around with height and texture and make my spaces feel incredibly lived in. Shove in some flickering, flattering low light from candles – donezo!

Colour palette

There is no right and no wrong when it comes to colour. Either ramp it up with colour or simplify it with a neutral palette. I tend to reign it in with a fairly natural palette but you absolutely don’t have to.

It’s amazing that  just by doing a few little  simple  things how much it changes up the vibe of not just the table but also the whole room.


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