Talking animal heads

Morning at 5.45 on a rainy little bit nippy Monday. Might sound a bit odd but I kind of like Mondays, the rain and the fact it’s a little snippy outside as its so snuggly at home. I love the house in the summer with the glass doors flung open but I love it even more in winter. Winters or I should say fall’s low light bathes everything in the softest gentlest glow – its beautiful.

Talking of beautiful I thought it would be fun to focus on wall decor this morn or more specifically animal decor. It’s a trend that has been around for yonks – pretty common in Victorian times but it’s also a trend that has gained momentum recently and continually seems to gain popularly. Some deride it as a hipster fad, others totally endorse. The way to go I would say is – if you love go for it. There is no point worrying about fads, trends what’s hot or what’s not – instead buy what you love.

The thing with animals (real or otherwise) is that they instantly make you smile so when say you plonk one on a wall, or a dozen in an alcove suddenly they’ve brought the space alive! I’ve seen them grouped together, incorporated into a gallery wall, hung simply = I’ve seen them as part of a tablescape, floating across wallpaper, I’ve seen them in loos, hallways, bedrooms you name it!

I’ve got a few:

I’ve got this guy hanging out in the store that I adore!

animal1I’ve got this guy outside adorning my outdoor fireplace. He double duties, as a light so looks pretty amazing in the evening lighting up the terrace.

animalOh and I designed this guy for as part of my new Debenhams range!

animal2I know we debated this very subject on my Style Panel recently – some people for it some against, but with interiors like any other walk of life just do what you love. Decorate for yourself and no one else, happy Monday x


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