Typical that the day I write a blog post on well being I have a thumping headache and feel a little cranky – hopefully yoga will sort that out shortly! Recently within the last few months I have changed my lifestyle. A gruelling work schedule and massive business strain this summer was actually the catalyst to changing things up lifestyle wise. It was tough – tough to the degree that I was pulling 16 hour days, 7 days a week. Ending up with cramped hands, back, neck and who knows what else I would drag myself downstairs, sob (I know I know I shouldn’t be sobbing when as a whole the business has such amazing opportunities), lay on the floor, drink wine and be too knackered to cook. Now I love food, love cooking and care about being healthy – but in that state I would get a takeout or sometimes (don’t die!) just stick a bag of nachos in the oven with grated cheese. Not. Good. I was literally done in.

I would wake up sluggish, in a bad mood and begin the whole thing again. This on the back of not having a vacation for over 3 years. When I signed off on our next year’s collection I decided that it was time to reboot, recalibrate and to do things a little differently. Walking the M’s one afternoon we took a shortcut at the back end of the park and I saw a sign for hot yoga. I did Bikram a while back and never quite got into it. I think looking back now it was the venue. I’m a disaster if I hate the venue – this one was in a peeling sweaty basement and there were over 40 of us.

Now the one right close to home is in a pod, with scented oils and cool music and I love it. I can’t do the yoga very well yet, but I still love it! My body is feeling leaner and I’m wanting to eat better than ever before. So as well as my fabulous yoga place, here’s a shout out to the other things that are helping keep me happy, healthy (and sane!!) at the mo…

I read food blogs regularly such as Nourish Atelier – try the butternut and kale lasagna with quinoa and red pepper – can highly recommend! Or Madeline Shaw’s shredded turkey salad with fresh mint, miso massaged kale, flaked almonds, avo and pomegranate.

I drink matcha lattes or turmeric lattes and if I’m hungry blend a frozen banana with almond milk and a date. I know this makes me look holier than thou but when I eat right I really do feel so much better. Everybody’s different of course, so I’m by no means able to know what will work for anybody else – and obviously everything in moderation! Plant based foods are now a major part of mydiet and yes I still like a glass of wine (who doesn’t but rarely in the week, hot pod yoga put an end to that – 37 degrees and a few glasses from the night before is an experience I never want to repeat in a hurry)!

If you guys know of any cool food/health blogs do share I’m always interested to find out more. Let’s all do what we can to feel better, eat better and enjoy it all along the way. (Thank you @etdkate for the fabulous suggested title for this blog post by the way – I love it!) and might make it a regular thing.

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