The case for adding something tattered

Before I kick start this mornings blog a few other things. Firstly we are expanding up at Heal’s (all hugely exciting and a lot more on this another time) but as a result are now looking for a full time manager as well as two part timers to join our team. You will be based in Heal’s and must have an interest in interiors and botanicals. You don’t need to be floristry trained Gem will be overseeing all of that but you do have to have an interest. Please send CV’s to

Also if you follow me on social media you will have seen yesterday that for our last few days of sale you can take an extra 10 per cent off by using the code TAKE10 when you check out.

We will be closing the store for a few days at the end of Feb for a major overhaul and our biggest new collection yet – but more on that a little nearer the time.

Lets talk interiors shall we and something I am quite passionate about – that is adding a few perfectly imperfect pieces.

This is a personal point of view obviously but I tend to shudder when rooms look too perfect because they feel far too uptight in my book. The minute you add things that are a little worn (I’ve got a tattered old leather chair, actually correction Maud has got a tattered old leather chair, no one else allowed to sit on it). It throws off all the perfection with its small defects like the worn leather, or maybe you have a tattered rug, an old frame with interesting patina these pieces give rooms soul. Now there is a fine line between rooms looking tatty as opposed to rooms looking cool which is why you only need a few pieces. They break down the uptightness.

I can’t stand being asked to take off shoes when going to someone’s home either I about turn or pop the Prozac or glug on whisky or on occasion do all three! Homes shouldn’t be pristine they are not show houses they are places where we should feel grounded and our happiest! I rest my case!

Both images by Hans Bloomquist who in a world long ago I used to work with – he nails exactly what I am talking about so beautifully.

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