Morning or afternoon depending on where you may be in the world. I’m about to run to the store we have a truckload of plants to get out so Gem and I will be pottering around early before it opens. We have been totally overwhelmed with the response on the plants – 2 weeks since they went in and literally all sold out so this morning is a replenish plus there are new plants so that should be fun.

Anyways lets talk bathrooms. I hate mine. 13 years ago when I was going through a minimal lets paint everything white stage I made the big mistake of tiling the floor in super pale sandstone:



I mean they are not terrible but they totally dominate the feel of the room. Now I’ve crossed over to the dark side (oh and its much more fun over here I must tell you) every time I paint the bathroom I can’t get that cosy feeling because of these darn tiles. What to do? I mentioned to G about ripping them up ? Meet with silence. Boarding over them? That sent him to the wine store! Our conundrum is that in a couple of years time we are thinking of building an extension  to go from the flat roof on the second floor right up to the top floor so it seems a bit silly to start gutting it when we are planning a big overhaul.

Yesterday I wrote if you recall we should live for now, do things today not tomorrow so I’ve decided to stop moaning and putting it off any longer. I am going to make the best of a bad job. I can’t get rid of the tiles but I can add much darker pieces in there to make it moodier and a rug, if I could  find one that I like. I’m thinking of swapping the chandelier for something more tribal, adding some open plan shelving, a bench maybe with some plants – more stuff I guess.

This is one of my inspirational bathroom pics. Dark,  moody lovely! I won’t get mine to look like this but I will try to get it to a place where I don’t run in and out of because it bothers me so. I’ll keep you updated!



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