The low down on mirrors

Morning, I’m back from my whirlwind Stateside visit. Three time zones in five days has caused a bit of havoc with my poor sleeping system but last night I relented and took a pill which actually has helped. Shot some amazing spaces for my next book from pads hanging over  the Pacific Ocean in LA to lofts overlooking the Hudson in NYC. Beautiful, individual incredible spaces.

I’m shortly off to the store as whilst I was away a ton of new deliveries arrived including our autumn selection of flowers so Gem and I are super excited to get them unpacked and out. Before heading off though for this morning’s post I thought I would focus on mirrors. Mirrors are one of those decorative components that are game changers.

I’m not sure there is any other accessory out there as transformative as a mirror. They can make rooms appear bigger, more intriguing, way more beautiful, brighter even. Clever no? Below I’ve compiled a list of tips that I use time and time again as I’m a bit addicted and obsessed with mirrors I have them in every room of my house


  1. Go as big as you possibly can. Large mirrors have totally elevated my spaces I couldn’t image living without them. They make rooms appear far grander than they really are. Forget all that mumbo jumbo about what is the correct width of a mirror over a mantle or console and just hang it!
  2. Not all mirrors are meant for hanging, some you can simply lean. I’ve got tall skinny ones in the bathroom and bedroom that just simply prop.
  3. Consider tilting them. If you hang a mirror higher than feels comfortable on a downward tilt it will reflect more of the room back at you!
  4. When it comes to hanging above a mantle I make sure I leave enough room (even with my super sized ones) to put stuff on the mantle. A mirror and a plain under decorated mantle sends me running for the hills.
  5. Capitalise on the light in a room so in a bedroom that gets beautiful morning light try a mirror on the adjacent wall.
  6. Hallways are one of the best places in the whole house for a mirror purely because mirrors will expand this narrow area making it feel much bigger than it really is.
  7. Don’t always hang vertical mirrors vertically I often times hang them horizontally, looks super cool!
  8. Framed or unframed? It’s really up to you I have super chunky frames on my convex mirrors, ornate frames on my hallway mirrors and a skinny gold frame on my bedroom mirror. Everything and anything!


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