It’s Friday yay hay – planning on actually taking this weekend off. Had the same plan last weekend and then ended up working both days.  It’s gone bonkers with the new collection of botanicals in, we’re getting all sorts of intriguing proposals, propositions and so consequently there is a lot to deal with, as well as working on next year’s collection organising samples, colours on and on I could go.  This weekend I’m not opening any emails so I’m hoping it will be a restful one!

Anyone who has a business will know about content, more importantly personalised content. I will go a step further and say if you want your business to be a success you’ve got to fully integrate digital rich experiences that fully tantalise and engage the customer. Make sure your content is a mix of info to keep people interested. Sure, write about your products but also weave in stories and anecdotes – they’re more engaging for your readers. Nobody wants to wade through long adverts or feel like they’re getting the hard sell all the time.

We don’t just go for pushing products across social, it’s more about engaging with the community we have created. We are passionate here at AA about taking interior design taboos and transforming them into something luxurious and beautiful and personally I get the most enormous kick out of seeing how people implement our inky colours or decorate with our faux botanicals. We’re really committed to forging a personal relationship with our like minded community (speaking of, thank you so much to my instagram followers today!!). If you want to get going with your own content, here’s some top tips:

Be original No point in regurgitating what everyone else is doing. Rehashing content is boring and you will lose people. Be original and remember if you don’t have anything to say then don’t say it at all.

Make your posts actionable Is what you have just written achievable, can readers apply these lessons and learn from them? Can they be inspired by what you are saying and most importantly are you engaging and exciting them.

Respond fast I personally try and respond to as many comments as possible, I can’t do it in real time (with the blog, twitter, instagram, facebook and all the DMs I’d be swamped!!) but at the end of the day or the beginning I try and will continue to try to answer as many questions and queries as I can.

Constantly tweak We are always updating, tweaking, doing things better, learning and improving. Never feel that you are done, because I hate to say your not. Just recently on social we asked what everyone wanted to see more of less of, new features – it’s a community we have created and we learn from you guys and you guys learn from us. Cool no?



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