I am obsessed with scent, maybe its because the M’s can sometimes be a little bit pongy but when I open the door to my pad I want to be encased not only in the most magical interior, but also the most magical smells.

My trick, as much as I love scented candles and always have one on the go, is to have an underlying layer of scent so that as you transition from room to room or walk through the door everything smells amazing.

So everywhere in this house, decanted into small t-light holders, is potpourri from Santa Maria Novella (organic herbs and spices collected in the Florentine hills) - it's intoxicating. I’m also a fan of essential oils and diffusers; in my hot yoga class each morning the teacher plops a few drops of essential oils into one and then it scents the air so beautifully. I bought the same one as my yoga studio from Muji and it smells so beautiful. Great for bedrooms actually as it feels really calming. I’m also all for putting a few drops of essential oil on a warm face cloth as well as misting pillows and sheets and constantly spritzing aromatic room sprays from Aesop everywhere.